Liquidation of Primeo Fund

On 23 January 2009, the founding shareholder of Primeo Fund (the Fund) passed a resolution to place the Fund in voluntary liquidation and appoint James Cleaver and Richard Fogerty as joint voluntary liquidators.  On 8 April 2009, an order was made for the liquidation of the Fund to continue under the supervision of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands with Mr Cleaver and Mr Fogerty being appointed as joint official liquidators.

Gordon MacRae replaced Mr Cleaver as a joint official liquidator by order dated 17 August 2011.  Subsequently, Eleanor Fisher replaced Mr Fogerty by order dated 11 May 2012.  As at today’s date, Mr MacRae and Ms Fisher are the duly appointed joint official liquidators of the Fund.

Stakeholders are encouraged to monitor this site, as the joint official liquidators will post important updates on the progress of the liquidation here.

CICA issues judgment on HSBC

The Fund has issued an update to stakeholders dated 21 June 2019 in relation to the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal judgment on Primeo v HSBC. The update may be accessed by registered stakeholders with a password at the Creditor and Investor...

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Six-monthly stakeholders’ report now issued

The Fund has issued its report to stakeholders dated 19 April 2019 in relation to the period 1 September 2018 to 28 February 2019. The report may be accessed by registered stakeholders with a password at the Creditor and Investor Information...

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Second interim distribution

The Fund has declared a second interim distribution to Redemption Creditors. Please refer to the attached Appendix A regarding the Notice of Intention to Declare Interim Dividend (Form CWR32), as required under Cayman Islands law. Further details on the distribution...

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